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Why it Pays to Install Cabinet Backplates

A great way to radically transform the look and feel of a room without the need for expensive renovations is to install new hardware such as new knobs or pulls. Replacing an old tarnished or worn out knob with a stunning and elegant new one can brighten up any room! Although it is easiest to replace a knob with a knob or a pull with a pull, it is often refreshing to have the greatest possible change. The problem is that when replacing a pull with a knob and even a knob with a pull, you will most likely be left with a gaping unused hole which will need to be filled with wood filler and then painted.

Thatís where cabinet backplates come in handy. A brand new backplate will not only introduce a beautiful design and flash of color to the room, but it will also enable you to cover up any gaping holes from previous cabinet hardware. Backplates also allow you to choose varying sized pulls without needing to stick with the same old drill centers. Decorative Backplate
Decorative Backplate

Brass Backplate
Brass Backplate
Additionally, cabinet backplates serve another function. Over time, after frequent opening and closing, it is natural for the area behind the pull or knob to become scratched or faded. A cabinet pull backplate or a knob backplate will prevent dirt or grease from damaging the cabinet door finish and will also prevent scratching from frequent use. Any household that contains a family member with long nails should definitely consider a backplate as scratching will be inevitable. Furthermore, they are a perfect way to cover up scratching once the damage is already done. A nickel backplate or a brass backplate is not only an item of form, but also one of function, bring beauty to the room, while covering up dirt, scratches, and holes and protecting your cabinet finish.


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